Do You Indulge In the Holiday Food Paradise?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

The holidays are filled with yummy desserts and foods!!! From cakes to pies to pastas to soulful veggies, we each find ourselves trying to navigate the family table choices.

For me, I allow myself to simply indulge in the food paradise. However, I strategically approach the holiday dinner. From paying close to attention to what I put into my system to exercising, I’m watching everything to ensure I don’t cause unnecessary inflammation in the meantime.

How do you navigate the dinner table during the holidays? How do you approach healthy eating during the holidays?

I have to be very careful of my protein and sodium intake. I am plant based for these reasons, however, on the holidays I do allow myself nibbles here and there. I have to be honest though, yesterday, I may have over indulged, especially in the wine department. I usually allow myself one glass on special occasions, yesterday I has 3. Yes, I am feeling it today.

We all deserve to indulge at some point. :slight_smile:

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